What makes My Pool Xpert different?

Our main guiding principle is the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.  To that end we believe it is important to provide service before expecting payment.  We do not pre-bill weekly service at the beginning of the month like other pool service companies; we bill at the end of the month.  We also do not pay our employees commission on replaced parts or repairs. Only if something is not working properly does it get replaced or repaired, and only with your approval.  We have a full team of professionals dedicated to taking care of your pool, including office staff ready to answer any questions you may have.  We believe communication is key to great customer service so we stay in touch via e-mail, phone, and door tags.  Our office hours are 8 am – 5 pm, M-F, but our techs may be in your backyard outside those hours and e-mails are checked frequently after hours.  You can know with full assurance your pool is in the care of trained, licensed, and insured pool specialists.


Will my technician come on the same day?

Your pool will be serviced the same day each week unless there are extenuating circumstances (ie. your tech is out sick) or it’s a holiday week and your service day is affected by the shuffling of our schedule. If your service day needs to change you will be notified via e-mail early that week.


Is my service rate guaranteed?

Yes, your rate for weekly service is guaranteed for the 12 months of your service agreement.  It’s possible the rate may change after 12 months, but it’s not likely.  Our rate changes are rare and minimal.


Will you service my pool on rainy days?

Yes, it is important to prep your pool against dilution to prevent algae outbreaks. All “full service” tasks are done except those prevented by water turbidity. If there is thunder or lightning in the area “rain service” is provided. For safety reasons techs are not allowed to carry or put a metal pole in the water when thunder or lightening is present so skimming the water and brushing the pool will not be done. We may not be in your yard as long as usual when rain service is done but the next week we will be there much longer than normal cleaning debris after the storm.


Will you service my pool on the weekend?

No, pools are not serviced on weekends.  When chemicals are added, especially shock, swimming is restricted for several hours. Since this can interfere with weekend plans when most people get to enjoy their pool we schedule all weekly service for Monday through Friday.   


Do you have a licensed repairman?

Yes, we have a full time licensed repair tech on staff.  Should your pool equipment need attention we can usually have a diagnosis and recommended repair done in one to three business days.


When do you get my approval before replacing parts or making repairs?

Repairs done by our licensed repair tech always need prior approval. Before any work is done we will email you a diagnosis and repair quote so you have written record of our findings, recommendations, and repair cost.


What parts will my pool tech replace automatically?

There are several minor parts on your pool that may need to be replaced at some point; some cost as little as $3.00 and others more than $75.  No parts are automatically replaced unless you specify otherwise upon sign up.


Does the weekly service fee include a filter (or salt cell) cleaning?

Filter and salt cell cleanings are important to extend the life of your equipment and ensure optimum functioning. Manufacturers’ recommend cleaning filters twice a year and salt cells three to four times a year. They are an occasional maintenance service, and as such are not included in the weekly fee.


What happens if the tech can’t get into my yard?

If your yard or pool are inaccessible (i.e. a locked gate, protective dogs in the yard, a safety net on the pool, renovation work, etc.) and we have not been notified you will be credited part of your weekly service fee.  If we have been notified you will be credited the full amount of your weekly service fee.


Will you service my pool during a holiday week?

We service pools every week of the year.  Our office will close in observance of New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If your pool is normally serviced on that day or your service day is otherwise affected by the shuffling of our schedule we will e-mail you with the change early in the week.