Pool Inspection

An inspection by My Pool Xpert can determine if a pool is operating at maximum efficiency, has underlying structural or mechanical problems, and meets current ANSI safety guidelines for anti-entrapment measures. Our inspection also includes a full chemical assessment of the pool’s current water condition. Whether you already own a pool or if you’re considering the purchase of a home with a pool, having a thorough pool inspection will give you a better understanding of its true condition.



My Pool Xpert’s Weekly Full Service includes:

  • Weekly testing of a full range of the pool chemicals
  • Balance & treat the water as needed
  • Add a sequestering agent
  • Brush the spa and all horizontal pool surfaces
  • Brush walls and vacuum as needed
  • Empty all skimmer and pump baskets
  • Empty pool cleaner bag
  • Skim the water surface to remove debris
  • Check the water level
  • Handle minor repairs and part replacements
  • Visually inspect the pool equipment and report problems
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Filter and Salt Cell Cleaning

Regular maintenance on your filter and salt cell is recommended by manufacturers for maximum effectiveness and to extend the life of the equipment; twice a year for filters and every three months for salt cells.  We offer both services and bundled pricing if they are done at the same time.


Green to Clean Service

For those times, the pool “got away from you” or you need a seasonal start up we provide pool revival services.


Home Away Care

Whether away on vacation or business, know your pool is getting top notch, weekly care from the professionals of My Pool Xpert. (2 week minimum)



Selling Your House?

Keeping a house “picture perfect” for potential buyers can be stressful. Let us help with weekly service to keep your pool looking great while the house is on the market.


Reduce Your Electric And Water Bill

Our full equipment analysis can identify ways for your pool to be more energy efficient and use less water, saving you up to $1500 a year in utility costs.


Water Conversion

Interested in switching to salt water? Want to switch back to chlorine? Interested in borates for better sanitation? We can help with all these.


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